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What Every Son Needs to Hear From His Father

This article is taken from the Parent Cue Live podcast. To listen, click here.    Nick Salyers calls it the “missing milestone.”  It’s that time of life, somewhere between 11 and 14 for boys, where they transition from boys to young adults.… Read More

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Grief After Losing a Child

“I find,' he says, his voice still muffled, 'that I am constantly wondering where he is. Where he has gone. It is like a wheel ceaselessly turning at the back of my mind. Whatever I am doing, wherever I am, I am… Read More

You Are Not A Doctor | Technology Tip for Parents with Jon Acuff

You want to use technology, not be used by it. A few thoughts from author Jon Acuff on technology for parents and a quick tip especially for parents of preschoolers. Read More

Tie Technology to Maturity Not Grades or Money | Technology Tip for Parents with Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff challenges parents to think about technological responsibility when giving their kids access to technology, not their ability to afford it or get good grades. Instead, look for maturity in them and see if they are in a place to use… Read More

Be Invested in What Your Kids Are Invested in Online | Technology Tip for Parents with Jon Acuff

If you want to show your kids they matter to you, then discover more about the things they care about. In this technology tip, Jon Acuff talks about how to connect even as your kid's hobbies and passions move into the digital… Read More

Don’t Miss the Moment | Technology Tip for Parents with Jon Acuff

In today’s technology tip, Jon Acuff reminds us how important it is to not miss the moment you’re in as you try to capture them. How often do you sort through all those photos? Read More

Create Space for Conversation | Technology Tip for Parents with Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff continues his series of Technology Tips to help parents raise technologically responsible kids. Jon gives you a simple place to start in his week’s tip: Create a space where kids can have conversations about what they are experiencing online. See… Read More