Christmas—it’s a time of peace. It’s a time when all mankind seems to pause and bring out their best. It’s also a time when my family can turn on each other like Rottweilers fighting over a piece of bacon. This year, I’m going to try and remember three key sounds that help me have a great Christmas. I think if you listen past the sleigh bells you may hear them too.

This is the best. For me, the sound of my home when my kids are there makes me feel like I can focus on the important things. Oh, I don’t mean sounds of children peacefully singing carols. I mean all the crazy noises of living life. Sometimes it’s a door slam when they aren’t getting along. Sometimes it’s stomping when I’ve said they have to attend a party with my wife and I on the same night their friend wanted them to go to a movie. Sometimes it’s the sound of drawers opening and closing endlessly as they search for “something to wear.” It doesn’t matter. When I hear those sounds it means they are safe, and loved, and have a place to call home. This year, let’s enjoy the sounds of our kids.

We love Christmas music, but every year we struggle over who controls what music fills our house and our car. It’s never easy. But this year, there is a solution—Amber Sky Radio. For the first time, Amber Sky is making their extensive Christmas library available as an Internet stream. It’s on an app called Spreaker. You can download it here for free! OR! If you’re like me and you need a solution RIGHT NOW—just click here and sit back and enjoy. You can listen as long as you like—for free!

I’ve always loved Amber Sky for providing music from high-quality artists who share a love for family and faith. This Christmas, we may experience a little more peace on earth. We can listen to music that satisfies my daughters, my wife, and, if I’m to be perfectly honest . . . me.

I love parties, and music, and the fact that if you look carefully you can still find someone displaying the best of humanity. But somewhere between the traffic jams, and the altered work/school schedule, there are moments that stand out. It may be in the early morning as the coffee maker begins to trickle out its life-giving juice. It may be in the car as I’m waiting out a traffic jam. It may be late at night when only the dog and I are left admiring the blinking lights on the tree. It’s in these moments of stillness that I breathe in, and thank God for all that He has given to me. It’s the silence that drowns out the urgency of all the petty things life seems to fill up with if we are not careful. Take time to hear the silence, and hear His love. His grace. The gift of His Son. This is Christmas.

It’s my prayer that you enjoy the sounds of your Christmas season. Merry Christmas.