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5 Things We’ve Learned from a Year of Pandemic Parenting

It’s true now more than ever: the mental health of our family matters. We’re all stressed. And we all need time for lighthearted play, the freedom to roam around, and laughter that relaxes some of our tension. 2021 might just be the year that we prioritize fun.  Read More

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How to Model Contentment When You’re Feeling Pretty Miserable

As parents, we’ve got an innate responsibility to lead our kids through this darkness even though we feel mostly blind ourselves.  Read More

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20 Things We Learned in 2020

I will move into 2021 knowing that I’m better than I was this time last year. Because when I look back on 2020, I’m struck with deep gratitude. Read More

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Take a Deep Breath: 5 Things That Are True Today

The truth has the power to ground us when things around us seem unsteady.  Read More

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3 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Homeschooling Your Kids

You know why homeschooling seems hard and awkward? Because doing new things always is. You know why you don’t feel like an expert? Because you’re not an expert. Read More

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How to Find Joy in the Midst of Chaos

In the midst of all the questions, it’s incredibly important to focus on our physical health and our mental health. Our thoughts often trap us in worry, anxiety, doubt, and fear. Finding optimism and joy will keep you energized, loving, supportive, and capable of making the best decisions... Read More

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Parenting (and Teaching) a Child With Special Needs During COVID-19

 Just like that we were no longer “just” parents of a child with special needs. We were also teachers of a child with special needs. And playing the roles of teacher, and activity director, and parent for a child with special needs is—let’s just say—complicated.  Read More

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We All Made a Giant Pivot. Now What?

As families and schools and churches—we pivoted. It was like our collective adrenaline got us to what we thought might be the finish line of a sprint. Read More

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Top 50 Books For Kids and Teens to Read While Stuck Inside

With so many BIG changes happening—changes that are difficult for even us to process—stories are one of our greatest resources to give kids and teens context for a time when things won’t feel so strange or scary anymore.  Read More

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Giving Your Kids Permission to Break the Rules

“Resist much, obey little.”― Walt Whitman It’s really not the advice I thought I would pass to my daughters when I imagined them before they were born. Even so, as I walked the streets of Brooklyn tonight, a grown adult, wife and mother of two, I felt Whitman’s... Read More