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3 Ways to Show Up for Foster Families in Your Community

Foster care and adoption have some similarities, they also have vast differences. But one thing they both share is a need for care and support. Knowing how to do so in a non-Covid era is difficult, but knowing how to do so while maintaining Covid guidelines is even... Read More

Family Activities

Families Only Spend 37 Minutes Together a Day: Make Them Count

When a survey of American parents found that families spend just 37 minutes a day hanging out together, we noticed. After all, if we can so easily breeze through that amount of time on other things, there’s a good chance we’re phoning it in with our families too.   Read More

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Top 50 Books For Kids and Teens to Read While Stuck Inside

With so many BIG changes happening—changes that are difficult for even us to process—stories are one of our greatest resources to give kids and teens context for a time when things won’t feel so strange or scary anymore.  Read More

Family Activities

Light ‘Em Up With Kindness

Almost a decade ago, I caught the kindness bug. It felt like a nudge in my heart to change the focus of our family’s time and attention. Read More

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Celebrating Fall

Fall is filled with school starting back, festivals, and holiday traditions. But creating memories takes effort—planning and execution. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of the fall season with your family. Choose a couple of options that could work for you and your... Read More

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Let Your Kids Be Bored

“Boredom” can be defined as “the frustrating experience of wanting, but being unable, to engage in satisfying activity.” And while that sounds—and can feel—unpleasant, numerous studies have show that it is good for kids to be bored. Boredom in kids can produce many positive benefits: Read More

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The Battle of the Bored

Sometimes, love means saying no. Love means prompting kids to use their creativity. Sometimes, love means taking away technology and kicking kids outside. It means letting your kids be bored Read More