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PCL 24: Generosity

Jon Williams (father, actor, and writer), Kristen Ivy, and Reggie Joiner sit down and talk about how practicing generosity with your kids has the potential to help them live richer lives. Listen to Parent Cue Live The Parent Cue Live podcast is available on… Read More

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How to Build a Bridge Back to Your Kid After an Argument

The morning after an argument—for me, it’s when the reality sets in.  For some reason, I am wired to think more clearly in the morning. Coffee helps too.  In the morning, I can sort through how I feel. It’s when I can… Read More

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Prepare Them for College

Dr. Kara Powell and the team at the Fuller Youth Institute have been working hard for the last six years to try to figure out how to help kids have long-term faith or "Sticky Faith".  We asked Kara to share a few… Read More