Fight For The Heart

Fight For The Heart

Living From a Dad’s Affirmation

My dad is my hero. I wish I could spend this entire post telling you about him. I’ve often joked that my ultimate goal in life is to be my dad with more hair (I’ll admit that joke lands a lot better,… Read More

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How to Raise a Jerk

Most parents don’t set out to raise kids who become jerks. But parenting kids who have a mind of their own can be confusing. Some leaders say too many who work hard at building children's self-esteem are raising kids who will exhibit… Read More

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Love On Display

Growing up, I had one of those old blue rectangular Kodak cameras with the orange “point and shoot” button. It came everywhere with me—including a trip my family took to Disney World. While there, I captured an image I still have a… Read More

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This Is a Weird Parenting Goal, But . . .

Why is it easier to have goals at work than it is at home? Have you ever thought about that before? Most corporate jobs are jam-packed with goals. You have weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals and even annual goals. When you… Read More

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Empathy is Tonic

Spooked My daughter spends most of her free time at the stables where she rides horses. She will happily muck stalls (aka shovel poop), wash horses, and hand pick fungus off their legs. Now, will she clean her bathroom, hang up a… Read More