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How I Can Model Beauty to My Daughter

The idea of having a daughter scared me: How conditioned was I to the traditional standards of beauty? Even though I was super aware, could I unintentionally pass on an unrealistic idea of beauty to my daughter? Read More

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You’re Not Failing, You’re Just Overwhelmed

This season is forcing us to slow down, to take inventory of things we’re meant to carry, and the things we’re meant to put down. And here’s what I’ve learned so far:  Read More

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How We View Our Own Beauty Shapes How Our Daughters View Theirs

Jingly bracelets and gardenia perfume—I must’ve been about eight as Mom got ready for an evening out. I don’t know where they went, or how late they stayed out, but I do remember the mean things she said to herself in the mirror, which stood in stark contrast... Read More

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Living From a Dad’s Affirmation

My dad is my hero. I wish I could spend this entire post telling you about him. I’ve often joked that my ultimate goal in life is to be my dad with more hair (I’ll admit that joke lands a lot better, if you have seen my dad).... Read More

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Love On Display

Growing up, I had one of those old blue rectangular Kodak cameras with the orange “point and shoot” button. It came everywhere with me—including a trip my family took to Disney World. While there, I captured an image I still have a copy of. At the end of... Read More

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This Is a Weird Parenting Goal, But . . .

Why is it easier to have goals at work than it is at home? Have you ever thought about that before? Most corporate jobs are jam-packed with goals. You have weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals and even annual goals. When you meet with your manager, you talk... Read More

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Empathy is Tonic

Spooked My daughter spends most of her free time at the stables where she rides horses. She will happily muck stalls (aka shovel poop), wash horses, and hand pick fungus off their legs. Now, will she clean her bathroom, hang up a wet towel, or care to not... Read More

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Joy in the Chaos

Yes, joy is gratitude. We can be grateful that regardless of how we feel over the coming weeks, the unshakable reality is God showed up 2,000 years ago. Read More

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Fighting for the Heart of Our (Adopted Son) Family

The fight this season isn’t just for our adopted son, it is also for our biological children and our family. It is the fight that shows that love rules everything and we cannot accomplish change or healing without it. Read More

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Planting Seeds of Truth for Your Kids

I was always extremely skinny as a child. Adults would consistently made jokes about my size. They referred to me as a “string bean,” said I was “nothing but skin and bones” and “25 pounds soaking wet.” One windy day, I remember an adult telling me I needed... Read More