Author: Tim Walker

Leaving a “Legacy” Feels Overwhelming

There are some people who are intentional about leading. They love leadership. They listen to podcasts, read books, and go to conferences, all to be come a better leader. They love words like “legacy” and “heritage.” Words like that seem overwhelming to me. I get that they are important, but I’m not sure how I feel about the pressure of leaving a “great legacy.”. You see, I’m not perfect. I’m quirky. I’m grumpy. And I walk through this life doing some things well, and other things not. So I’m not sure how confident I am about leading anyone. I...

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This Time Next Year

As this year’s graduates said their goodbyes, I watched with a renewed attention. This will be us next May. Celebrating. Dreaming. Planning. So much of what I thought I knew about parenting has unraveled over the past few years. My oldest son is truly the test subject in this experiment we call parenting. We’ve stumbled our way through communication. We’ve walked the tightrope of independence. I’ve over-parented at times. I’ve fought against the fear of him failing, and letting him bear the weight of his responsibilities and challenges. And through it all, I have a different view of what...

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Parenting Isn’t a Formula

I’m not going to pretend that this parenting thing is easy. That if you do all the right things, everything works out great. Because people don’t work that way. Relationships don’t work that way. If you combine A+B, you don’t always get C. That’s the way algebra works, not parenting. Sometimes parenting means walking through some smelly, ugly stuff. Sometimes you lie awake in bed, pleading with God to protect, to change, to stir the heart of your kid. Sometimes you grieve for the child you once knew. Or the relationship you once shared. Because as much as we...

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I Am Not a Fun Guy (or a Fungi)

I saw myself on the screen the other night. I wasn’t on the jumbotron at the baseball game. I wasn’t starring in a home movie. No, I saw myself in a movie character. An unlikely one. And the irony is that it was the antagonist of a movie that I watched years ago. I have become the bad guy. The move was What About Bob? The characters are Bob, a neurotic, psychosis-filled man who stalks his psychiatrist, while on vacation with his family. While the word “stalk” makes it sound like it’s a thriller, it’s actually a comedy, and Bob is very likable. Everyone...

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When It’s Up To Them

Some days don’t turn out the way you planned. Some lives take a different course than expected. I think that’s the hardest part of being the parent of a Junior or Senior. Or even a young adult. You guide, you direct, you help where needed, but ultimately the choice is up to them. You may think you have a part in the decision, but it’s up to them . . . to look both ways in the intersection. to do that project. to dream of what they would want to do or be. to take the SAT. to make...

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