There are a lot of things I’m confident about.

I’m confident that my 3-month-old hates sleep. I’m confident that my kitchen will remain a mess until the year 2050. I’m confident that I’ll never ever like sushi. And I’m confident that I will always choose the slowest line when checking out at the grocery store.

These things I would bet my life own.

But when it comes to deeper things . . . less concrete things . . . faith-based things . . . I’ve gotta be honest. Sometimes my confidence falters.

It falters when I fail to trust my kids in God’s hands.
It falters when I feel unappreciated.
It falters when I let anxiety win.
It falters when I judge other people.
It falters when I let my to-do- list become more important than my relationships.

Philippians 1:6 says, “God began a good work in you. And I am sure that he carry it on until it is completed . . .,” NIRV.

If I believe what the Bible says, I can be sure or confident that God will never let me down. Ever. I can be confident that God is always with me, even when I feel completely forgotten. I can be confident that I am good, even when I feel like a failure. I can be confident that He is working in me, and in my family, even when I can’t see any proof.

Another way to define confidence is this: Living like you believe what God says is true.

Wow. What would my life look like if I really lived like what God says is true?

I would have less fear. I would have less regret. I would have less hurt.

I would have more joy. I would have more boldness. I would have more.

Confidence is not an emotion. It’s not something we feel. It’s a choice. It’s living like what God says it’s true, even when it doesn’t feel true in the moment. That’s what we want your kids to know this month, and what we want you to also remember, as a parent.

What area of your life do you need to show more confidence? Where are you choosing to distrust a God who has never broken a promise – not since before time began?

Let’s begin to live our lives like what God says is true, one decision at a time.