Becoming a new parent. Is there anything more amazing? Is there anything more terrifying? Is there anything more wonderful?

For some reason the very intelligent people at the hospital give you this tiny being to take home with you, just days after he has come into the world. There is no handbook written specifically for him. There are lots of “how-to” books about babies, but there isn’t one specifically for him.

You come home with this tiny person, and you panic slightly. This very sweet nurse helped you put the baby in the car seat. How do you get him out? What about his neck? Is it going to break if you don’t hold it just right? When should I change his diaper? Now? Does he need to be changed now?

Just as your breathing starts to come in short spurts, you look at your spouse and realize you’re not alone. You have people here to help you. God has placed people around you who are there to help you. God is there to help you.

Breathe deep and relax in the grace and love that is your heavenly Father. Because now you finally have a glimmer of how much love He has for you.

Look at that bundle in the car seat. Ease him out carefully and hold him in your arms. Sit in that gliding rocker that you just “had to have” and experience the love. See that perfect nose. See those adorable toes. Is there anything more amazing than the beauty you are holding in your arms? Absolutely not! He is precious. He is perfect. He is wonderfully made.

Sit there for as long as you need to let the full love and wonder of being a new parent permeate your every being. Sit and imagine the days to come. The first smile. The first giggle. The first time he says “Mama” and “Dada.” So many firsts to come. So many moments to enjoy. Make a promise to yourself right now as you hold your newborn. Promise yourself that you will take the time to enjoy those moments, to live in them, to savor them.

There will be moments that don’t seem worth savoring. Moments with inconsolable tears. Moments when your patience is gone. Moments that are hard and painful. These moments you may want to forget, but don’t. It is after these moments, when we look at our little one and our heart is still so full of love, that God’s perfect love shines through.

Parenting is full of special moments. Each of them is precious. Each of them is unique. Each of them is wonder-full.

Parenting IS wonder-full. Sue Miller and Holly Delich just wrote a brand new book about exactly that. Filled with real stories and beautiful pictures, Parenting Is Wonder-full is a must for every new parent.