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The Best Way to Communicate With Your Kid at Every Phase

One of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in your parenting is learn how to communicate with your kid. Communication in and of itself has never been easy, but add an age gap, youthful angst, and a budding vocabulary, and… Read More

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3 Conversations Every Parent Is Scared Of

One day you’re holding a new baby—toes in your hand and a little noggin’ tucked in the crook of your elbow. The next thing you know that baby is running past you, full of opinions, ideas and questions. Lots of questions. Scary… Read More

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Asking for Help Doesn’t Make You a Bad Parent (It Makes You a Better One)

“It takes a village!” You’ve said it. Or you’ve heard it. But have you ever lived it?  Back in the day—like, way back—families in our country lived within the wide-cast net of community. Work, play, faith, and life existed in the context… Read More

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9 Things To Know About Middle Schoolers From A Middle Schooler

We live in the age of information. With a few clicks and a couple of swipes, I could learn just about anything I want... even when it comes to the puzzle that is my middle schooler’s behavior and overall development. If you’re… Read More

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My High Schooler Didn’t Get Into Their Dream School

“But no senior ever comes to school on early acceptance day.” I was a new high school teacher at the time, and I remember feeling dumbfounded by this kid’s revelation—that virtually every senior stayed home as they waited for our state college’s… Read More

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How to Foster a Strong Sibling Relationship

Confession: My kids fight sometimes. Sometimes they argue with each other. Sometimes they lose their patience with each other. Sometimes they yell at each other. Sometimes they say really mean things to each other. Things that they probably don't even mean. I… Read More

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What If I’m Not “Enjoying Every Moment”?

I remember the first time it hit me . . . the realization that “time” in the life of a child is fleeting.  I was newly postpartum, holding my son while he slept; and, I couldn’t remove the thought that each day,… Read More