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Welcome to Preschool: Making the Most of the “Why?” Phase

I’ve been asked some cringeworthy questions in my five years of being a parent. Add that with the fact that my daughter’s inside voice sensor seems to be broken (the faulty mechanics are hereditary) and I’ve been put in some pretty awkward… Read More

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The 6 Things Your New First-Grader Needs

Gone are the tear-stained eyes of a parent driving away on the first day of kindergarten.  Your little one isn’t so little anymore—he’s an experienced student settling into the world of elementary school as a first grader. Just like he reminded you… Read More

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8 Ways to Salvage a Bad Parenting Day

We all have them—bad parenting days. Days when tempers are high and patience is short. Days when our kids seem to know exactly which of our buttons to press, at exactly the right pressure required to trigger us into snapping mouths and… Read More

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5 Things Worth Celebrating In Each Phase

You know how it is: Your kid changes, throwing your whole world into a tailspin. When you finally get used to this new version of your kid, then . . . BAM! Just when you get accustomed to your kid’s zig, they… Read More

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The Question Your High Schooler Is Asking You

Ah, the teenage years.  Without saying more than that, every teen parent reading this blog post felt exactly what that phrase meant on a soul level. Every phase in a kid’s life has its challenges, but the years your kid is in… Read More

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Dads: What We Do Matters

Our children see, hear, and emulate all that we do.  And to be honest . . . yes, at times this can be a really scary realization. A few years ago, I began a tradition in our family called “Dadurday.” This is… Read More

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Advice for New Dads (From Your Future Self)

I was 28 when I found out I was going to be a dad. Back then, I still thought I had what it took to be a rock star, even more so a dad.  (And to be clear, I had absolutely no… Read More

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What to Do When You’re Concerned About Your Kid’s New Group of Friends 

Your kid is going through about a million-and-one changes in the middle school phase. So much is changing about them so quickly that it can seem like nothing is ever the same from one day to the next. One day they love… Read More

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Creating Connection with a Disrespectful Child

Even on the best days, raising humans can feel exhausting. Raising a child with disrespectful behavior can leave a parent feeling completely drained and powerless. Parents are often left wondering how best to respond. Discovering ways to connect with your defiant or… Read More

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5 Ways to Work Through Sibling Rivalry

Let’s start with some sappy sincerity, shall we? There’s no greater joy in life than watching my boys pal around with one another.  They’ll build LEGOs together while humming a rock song, scooch up close on a big empty couch, practice Jedi… Read More