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Helping Kids Cultivate the Skill of Noticing

When kids have the skill of noticing the needs of others, they’ll one day grow up to be a generation of compassionate adults. Read More

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The Only Thing Your Kids Need for Christmas

Our kids won’t remember what they got for Christmas this year. Our kids will remember how they felt this holiday season. Read More

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The 2023 Parent Cue Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🎶 We’ve compiled a list of our favorite gifts for every important person in your life, family and friends included. Read More

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5 New, Memory-Making Advent Traditions

So much of the holiday season is rushing and waiting. We rush to decorate, buy gifts, attend parties, and see family. We wait for the cookies to bake, Santa to arrive, and a comforting return to normalcy. In the midst of it all, it’s easy to forget to... Read More

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50 Things to be Grateful for Right Now

Spending just a few seconds each day thinking about the things you’re grateful for can radically shift your mindset. Read More

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10 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Season

For many of us, the holiday season is anticipated with joy…and anxiety. Sure, we love the celebrations, traditions, and memories; but along with them, we add the stresses of a busy season, fear of expectation letdowns, or family squabbles. Here are 10 intentional ways to restore the wonder... Read More

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3 Easy Steps for Building Better Relationships (Even If You’re Busy)

We were meant to grow in relationship with each other and ourselves. To be known and loved for who we are and to extend this same grace to our close friends and family.  Read More

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5 Ways to Support Your Kids During Scary Times

Once again, parents are in the undesirable position of having really tough conversations with our kids about images and videos of violence. Navigating difficult terrain is all part of the parenting journey. It will never be easy. But in a crisis, it is mission-critical to help kids make... Read More

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The Reality of Fear and What to Do Next

A few days ago, I asked my two boys what they were most afraid of. My youngest, without skipping a beat, told me water buffalos and cobras. My oldest, still only seven, told me, imaginary monsters at night, robbers, America being destroyed, and the universe exploding. I didn’t... Read More

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12 Affirmations To Speak Over Your Kids

Shaping the way my children think about themselves is my highest honor and priority as their mother. Here are a few affirmations I’ve said during my six years as a parent… Read More