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My High Schooler Didn’t Get Into Their Dream School

“But no senior ever comes to school on early acceptance day.” I was a new high school teacher at the time, and I remember feeling dumbfounded by this kid’s revelation—that virtually every senior stayed home as they waited for our state college’s… Read More

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What You and Your Kids Need to Know About True Confidence

“Yeah, Mom. Everyone knows that,” my six-year-old recently informed me, complete with facepalm. When it comes to his knowledge of the world, my son is supremely confident. When it comes to just about everything else . . . he’s not. After a… Read More

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Raising Future Adults: How the Role Changes for Parents of Autistics

On a recent visit to my parents, I offered to help drain a pot of noodles for lunch. “No,” my dad said. “You’ll burn yourself,” and shooed me away. I was 4 going on 46. Always. Some parents navigate the awkward transition… Read More

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5 Things We’ve Learned from a Year of Pandemic Parenting

A year of pandemic parenting.  A year. Just one?  Are we sure about that? I gotta be honest. I know one year equals 365 days, but I think it feels more accurate to label our time this way: t h r e… Read More

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How to Have a Healthy Disagreement with Your Child

As your children grow out of infancy and further into childhood, disagreements will become a normal part of life. When you’re a parent, of course, this can grow quite exhausting! You may find that the older they get, the more things there… Read More

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How to Survive Your Preschooler’s Tough Questions

I tucked my daughter’s chair under the table for breakfast and encouraged her to say her grace before eating. “God is great . . .” she began the standard prayer.  “God is good . . .” she continued. Then, the hatchet: “Mommy,… Read More

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Will This Ever Get Easier?

In full disclosure, I felt like a fraud when I started typing this blog post. And maybe I am.  As the title suggests, I’m supposed to be giving some insightful words of wisdom about if and how you can survive whatever season… Read More

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The Dreams I Had for My Kid Aren’t Coming True

If you’ve been a parent for longer than fifteen minutes, you know that when it comes to predicting the future for your kid, your expectations matter about as much as the answer you get from shaking a Magic 8-Ball.  Take my oldest,… Read More

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I’m Worried My Child Is Self-Harming

Plenty of things keep parents up at night. I can only think of a few that elicit more confusion to a parent and render them helpless than when they discover that their child is self-harming. Self-harm is confusing to many. Simply defined,… Read More