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The Wrestling Match

He told us matter-of-factly this morning that he thought he was getting taller. We’re short people. So this was big news. And he was right. Asher, my six-year-old is getting taller. And his knees are getting knobbier, bearing more scraps from run-ins with… Read More

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Finding Confidence in Parenting

There are a lot of things I’m confident about. I’m confident that my 3-month-old hates sleep. I’m confident that my kitchen will remain a mess until the year 2050. I’m confident that I’ll never ever like sushi. And I’m confident that I… Read More

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When Your Daughter Asks “Do I Look Fat?”

Do I look fat? My mother probably heard that phrase more times than she could count. Every other thought in my head as a nine-year-old was about my image. My first diet happened at that age. At age ten, I was called… Read More

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When You Feel Like a Total Failure as a Parent

One of my most dismal moments as a dad came a few years ago when my friend Reggie Joiner and I were writing our book, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity. When you write a parenting book, it’s tempting to think you need to… Read More

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I Feel Like a Failure

I just got off the phone with my best friend since 7th grade. Her name is Megan*, and she is one of my favorite people on Earth. First, she makes a mean grilled cheese, and second, she is one of the most… Read More