Author: Holly Crawshaw

A Checklist for a Successful School Year

It may be hard to believe, but summer is almost over! Maybe that fact makes you want to burst into tears—alarm clocks, homework, and bus stops. Or maybe it makes you want to throw a huge party—no kids saying, “I’m bored!” or begging to go to the pool. Probably for most of us, it’s a mixture of both. Either way, we want to help make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family! Below is a checklist you can use as a guide to prepare for the coming school year. 1. ESTABLISH A SCHEDULE BEFORE THE...

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The Battle of the Bored

School’s been out for fifteen minutes . . . The bus is just pulling out of your neighborhood . . . And our signature on that last report card hasn’t even dried yet . . . When from the bowels of their gadget/toy/book-infested bedroom, you hear the dreaded words: “I’M BORED!” It never fails, right? Summer shows up, and with it, our kids’ ability to be entertained for longer than five minutes at a time. They haven’t had this much trouble self-soothing since they were in diapers! In our minds, summer is an ethereal time—sand, sun, pools, breezes—filled with...

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Finding Confidence in Parenting

There are a lot of things I’m confident about. I’m confident that my 3-month-old hates sleep. I’m confident that my kitchen will remain a mess until the year 2050. I’m confident that I’ll never ever like sushi. And I’m confident that I will always choose the slowest line when checking out at the grocery store. These things I would bet my life on. But when it comes to deeper things . . . less concrete things . . . faith-based things . . . I’ve gotta be honest. Sometimes my confidence falters. It falters when I fail to trust...

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Five Mantras to Discipline : How Zipping My Own Smart Mouth Changed My Parenting

Remember that one time when you swore you’d never grow up to be one of those parents who used “Because I said so” as a defense for discipline? Remember that time not too long ago when you said those exact words to your kids thirty-seven times in one day? Yeah. Me, too. Discipline for me is draining. When I tell you not to use my face lotion to make slime in your play kitchen, I don’t want to explain why Mama needs to diminish her fine lines and wrinkles. JUST DROP THE LOTION AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, KID!...

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Things to Talk About and Do in the Car With Your Kids

Families are busy. For most of us, this means we’re spending more and more time in our cars together. As easy as it is to turn on a movie or music and zone out, drive time is one of the few situations where you literally have a captive audience. We want to help you maximize this time by giving you a few suggestions for conversation prompts and activities to engage with your kids. Whether you’re on a road trip for Spring Break or summer vacation, taking a long drive to a relative’s house, or even on the way to...

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