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Play is Essential for Parents, Too

There’s been one thing that has become clear to me through having kids that is missing in my life (and the life of many other people I know). Sound sleep, money in the bank, and a leisure day at the pool are… Read More

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How No-Drama Discipline Helps Me Communicate with My Toddler

My toddler daughter, Arden, is very toddlery these days. And by toddlery, I mean I can’t help but look at the clock and wonder how in the world I’m supposed to make it to bedtime without us both collapsing in a puddle… Read More

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Advice I’d Give Myself If I Were Starting Over as a Dad

This is going to sound strange, but I do wonder sometimes if God got it backwards when it comes to parenting. I’m not really questioning God’s wisdom, so don’t respond with a super-spiritual answer to correct my logic, just let me think… Read More

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Why You Should Go on an Adventure with Your Family

I come from a family of campers. Tent campers, to be exact. I suppose it’s always been in my DNA, with parents who loved National Parks and toured us all around the great American West.  I can still vividly remember that cold,… Read More

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The Power of the Parentheses

“How can you endure giving kids back after they’ve lived with you?” It’s a good question. It’s often asked. And the answer is, “It’s really hard.” At some point, all foster parents face the reality of packing up suitcases with accumulated clothes,… Read More

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High Hopes

We all have high hopes for our future, especially for our kid’s future. We all want the “perfect” family and we even try to fake it to the world through social media. But the truth is, we are not perfect. Our lives… Read More

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5 Quick Ways to Help Your Kid Finish the School Year

I recently wrote a book called, “Finish, Give Yourself the Gift of Done.” One of the things that inspired me to write it was how difficult it is to actually finish goals. According to a study by the University of Scranton, 92%… Read More

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Write Your Own Narrative

I love the Enneagram. I’m sure you do, too. I feel compelled to tell you that I’m a one . . . and to tell you all the ways my “one-ness” shows itself in my work and relationships. Truthfully, I find all… Read More

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The Myth of the Perfect Kid

We parents are an emotional, neurotic mess, aren’t we? Sure, some of us are better at hiding it than others, but push the right button or confront the right issue, and every one of us comes to a point when we feel… Read More