Middle School (6th-8th)

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4 Conversations to Have With Your Middle Schooler

Middle schoolers are primarily motivated by acceptance. When they feel you have their back, they may be more willing to open up and share with you. Read More

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5 Things Worth Celebrating In Each Phase

you have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of who your kids are turning out to be, the things they’re into (at least for now), and learn what truly matters to them.  Read More

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What to Do When You’re Concerned About Your Kid’s New Group of Friends 

Your middle schoolers are learning how to choose who they want to be around right now. And no, they won’t always get it right. Read More

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Level Up: A Different Kind of Board Game

In the 30 minutes it took to play Level Up, I probably had one of the better conversations I’ve had with my son in quite a while—all while playing a board game. Who knew? Read More

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Graduation Gifts That Will Really Mean Something

Whether it’s from kindergarten or college, graduation is a big moment in the life of a kid. And as parents we know that these milestones matter. Read More

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Should I Let My Middle Schooler Quit?

As a parent, how do you walk through this situation with your kid? Do you make them “stick it out” and possibly avoid the “quitter” label, or do you let them walk away? Read More

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How to Teach Your Kids to Manage Money at Every Age

Kids who know the basics of healthy money management have a great opportunity to become adults who make good financial decisions. Read More

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When and How to Talk to My Child about Pornography

It may be accidental, or it may be on purpose, but the odds are that porn will at one time be a part of your child’s development. Read More

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Helping Your Child Through Their First Broken Heart

The teenage years are full of big emotions, and that is especially true when it comes to dating relationships, no matter how brief. Read More

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How to Apologize to Your Middle Schooler

In a culture that constantly tells them they don’t measure up, our apologies should communicate that they’re more than enough. Read More