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Sex Conversations Through the Phases

Sex is such an important subject and we want to have the conversation in the right way, but most of us didn’t have this conversation modeled well by our own parents. As a result, we don’t feel equipped or comfortable leading the conversation about sex because, well, it’s... Read More

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Five Ways to Help Your High Schooler Find Their Purpose

Your high schooler will love and honor you as their parents by becoming the best version of the person God created them to be. It’s not your high schooler’s responsibility to become who you want them to be.  Read More

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They’re All Grown Up. Now What?

I wish we had known to show our kids how to be responsible adults and not just responsible children and teenagers. Read More

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Every Middle Schooler Is Asking You a Question. Do You Know the Answer?

In middle school, preteens are all about using the knowledge they’ve gathered up until this point and brandishing it against authority. Read More

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4 Conversations to Have With Your Middle Schooler

Middle schoolers are primarily motivated by acceptance. When they feel you have their back, they may be more willing to open up and share with you. Read More

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The 6 Things Your New First-Grader Needs

Rest assured, parents, though he continues to grow in stature and wisdom, that first grader relies on you now more than ever. Read More

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5 Things Worth Celebrating In Each Phase

you have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of who your kids are turning out to be, the things they’re into (at least for now), and learn what truly matters to them.  Read More

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The Question Your High Schooler Is Asking You

Once your kid enters high school, they start developing a sense of purpose—one they will likely use to navigate their future direction. Read More

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How to Help My Kid Find Their Confidence at Every Phase

Developmentally, kids are wired to subconsciously wrestle with a specific tension. And how we resolve (or don’t resolve) that tension has the power to build or erode a kid’s confidence. Read More

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End of School Year: How to Prepare for the Next Phase

School may be out for your kids, but it’s a perfect time to lean into new ways to support them as they grow, change, and enter into new phases. Read More