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The Question Your High Schooler Is Asking You

Ah, the teenage years.  Without saying more than that, every teen parent reading this blog post felt exactly what that phrase meant on a soul level. Every phase in a kid’s life has its challenges, but the years your kid is in… Read More

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How to Help My Kid Find Their Confidence at Every Phase

At every phase, a kid is asking a question. Well, I mean, they’re always asking a ton of questions.  What’s faster—fire or dust? Where do thoughts come from? What’s for dinner? Can I borrow the car?  Those aren’t the kind of questions… Read More

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End of School Year: How to Prepare for the Next Phase

Desks empty. Locker doors slammed—and lock combinations forgotten—for the last time. School-issued laptops returned to the front office. Color-coded, structured homeschool schedules loosened up a bit. Ah, yes. Summer is here. School may be out for your kids, but it’s a perfect… Read More