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Making Your Children Obey – or Not

When my daughter was three years old, she hated going to her Wednesday night class at our church. I didn’t blame her; our church had a midweek program for girls that was like Girl Scouts with all the fun sucked out. The challenge was that I was the NextGen Pastor, so the midweek girls program fell under me. It wouldn’t look good if my daughter didn’t attend a program I oversaw. This dilemma came to a head one Wednesday night when my daughter refused to go into her classroom. She dug in her heels as only a three-year-old can and announced to everyone within two miles that she hated her class, her teacher, and her father, not necessarily in that order.

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When Parents Disagree About How to Enforce the Rules

So you might have noticed there’s this tension in parenting. The tension between the parent who wants to enforce the rules and the parent who wants to focus on the relationship. You know what I mean… One parent says, “It’s lights-out at the sleep over at 10 p.m.,” and the other parent, faced with pressure from her despondent ten-year-old daughter and not wanting to disappoint, lets the kids stay up until midnight because nobody likes a mean parent.

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