For families, May is arguably one of the busiest times of the year: Mother’s Day celebrations, recitals, end of the year parties, teacher appreciation, graduations, finals . . .  Mostly all good things, but also enough stress and busyness to have you wonder if the end of the school year will come before you fall apart. Well, it’s almost here. You’ve made it. The glory of summer is arriving swiftly, and we don’t want you to miss it!

As you transition to the lazier days of summer, we want to help you make the most of the time you have together as a family. Over the next 6 weeks, Carlos Whittaker, author of Moment Maker and host of Parent Cue Live will join us as we focus on ways to create meaningful moments together.

The first order of business is to start with a celebration! It doesn’t have to be big or elaborate, but do something simple to celebrate making it to the end of the year. If you need some age-specific ideas, check out this related blog: Celebrate the Last Day of School.