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The 6 Things Your New First-Grader Needs

Rest assured, parents, though he continues to grow in stature and wisdom, that first grader relies on you now more than ever. Read More

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5 Things Worth Celebrating In Each Phase

you have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of who your kids are turning out to be, the things they’re into (at least for now), and learn what truly matters to them.  Read More

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Level Up: A Different Kind of Board Game

In the 30 minutes it took to play Level Up, I probably had one of the better conversations I’ve had with my son in quite a while—all while playing a board game. Who knew? Read More

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How to Explain Confidence to a Child

Any time you feel confused, uncertain, insecure, or anxious—God desires to give you His confidence. All you have to do is ask! Read More

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Graduation Gifts That Will Really Mean Something

Whether it’s from kindergarten or college, graduation is a big moment in the life of a kid. And as parents we know that these milestones matter. Read More

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4 Signs Your Kid Is Losing Confidence

When your kid constantly contrasts their life against someone else’s, remind them of who they really are and what they’re capable of. Read More

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8 Confidence-Building Truths Every Kid Should Hear from Their Parent

Instead of individually weeding out the negative thoughts quickly filling her brain, I tried planting positive, never-changing, confidence-building truths in the hopes that the truths would grow bigger and louder than the lies. Read More

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What You and Your Kids Need to Know About True Confidence

I look at my pint-sized kid and wish I could instantaneously transfer forty-plus years of hard-won (though certainly not perfected) confidence straight into his heart and mind. Read More

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How to Teach Your Kids to Manage Money at Every Age

Kids who know the basics of healthy money management have a great opportunity to become adults who make good financial decisions. Read More

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How to Build Empathy in My Elementary Schooler

As a child moves through elementary school, they also move through a transition of sorts in how they relate to themself and others. Read More