I know it’s hard to imagine your child being an adult right now when they’re running around in a diaper eating dirt, but it’s going to happen.

They will become adults one day. Adults with thoughts and opinions and something I’m just now thinking about—a response to how they’ve been raised.

Kids don’t have a choice in . . .
who will be their mom and dad.
where they will live.
what happens in their home.

But as their hearts and minds mature, they will be able to look back and decide what they think about their childhood and all that was connected to it. After all, what we do as parents today is what our kids will be talking about tomorrow.

It happened to you. It happened to me. And it will happen to them.

So this is the question I’ve been wrestling with lately:

What will my kids think about when they think of me?

I’m getting to a phase in parenting where my kids can respond to the way I’ve raised them. They have been passed down some good habits and some not so good habits. I’ve given them a strong foundation in some areas and passed on cycles that need to be broken in others. I’ve given them good memories and moments we wish we all could forget.

I guess I hope more than anything that they will think of me as a mom who pointed them to God every day. I’m sure there are countless others who could have taught my kids more about the Bible or prayed more eloquent prayers, but I’ve had something all these years others don’t—and you have it too—parent power.

Yep, there’s just something extra powerful when mom and dad are the ones telling the Bible stories and praying the prayers. With that said, don’t let anything hold you back. Choose to be the one who talks to your kids about God and prays with them. Let THAT be something your kids think about when they think of you years down the road.