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PCL 34: Using Play to Teach Your Kids Life-Changing Values

Courtney DeFeo, author of In This House, We Will Giggle, shares how to teach your kids life-changing virtues by doing anything but lecture them. She encourages parents to instead tap into a kid’s love of play and have some lighthearted family fun. When kids are having fun, they don’t even have to know they are learning. Courtney is full of creative ideas on how to get the fun flowing to make a lasting difference in your family.

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PCL 33: Parenting Your Emerging Adult

Steve Argue, assistant professor of youth, family, and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, an applied research strategist with the Fuller Youth Institute, and dad of 3 girls, talks with us about how to parent an emerging adult, those between the ages of 18-30. The age when most young adults are experiencing unprecedented freedom and pressure. He talks through what issues they’re facing and what they need most from their parents.

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