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Facing the Monster Called Fear

Let me tell you a little secret my son, Tyler, and I have together to help him battle fear. We started writing Tyler’s Brave Book. He has a notebook in his room where we record brave things Tyler does. When he went to sleep with just one nightlight on, we wrote it down. When he went downstairs to the dark kitchen to fill up his water bottle before bedtime without an adult, we wrote it down.

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3 Ways To Help Your Kid Push Past Fear

I’m going to guess you wish you had a little more courage as an adult, and maybe even as a parent. We all do. Fear isn’t just an emotion, it’s also a habit. Same with courage. Courage is a habit, and habits start young. Very young. So how do you raise a courageous child? There’s a difference between being courageous and being stupid (fear has a healthy side too). However, most kids today lose courage because fear creeps in early.

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