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Joy in the Chaos

My son is asking for a car this Christmas. He’s four. He started asking for one months ago. And I— foolishly—thought it would be an idea that waned with time.… Read More
Bring the Family: The Value of Serving Together

Family Life | Imagine The End

Bring the Family: The Value of Serving Together

Be honest. How do you feel when you hear the word “service”? Does it fire you up? Or does it make you feel a little guilty? Maybe it’s a little… Read More
IF I knew then


Moving Beyond the Holi-Daze : 10 Tips to Prepare for the Holiday Season

Here it comes, right on cue! It's November already, and the Christmas commercials have started appearing on television, stores are all decked with holly, and your kids are probably already… Read More
Reframing Why Kids Should Do Chores

Family Life | Imagine The End

Reframing Why Kids Should Do Chores

Home is the place of their first citizenship. I started reframing how I talked about chores. I started talking about how important it was that they be good citizens of… Read More
6 ways to help middle schoolers develop positive body image

Middle School (6th-8th)

6 Ways to Help Your Middle Schooler Develop Positive Body Image

As parents, you have the incredibly important, and at times, difficult job of helping guide and direct your middle schooler toward more healthy thinking. Taking these simple steps to navigate… Read More

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Fighting for the Heart of Our (Adopted Son) Family

The fight this season isn’t just for our adopted son, it is also for our biological children and our family. It is the fight that shows that love rules everything and… Read More
Skin in the Game Changes Everything

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Skin in the Game Changes Everything

It’s fun to surprise your kids with gifts and luxury experiences like a 13-year-old getting a manicure. But it’s equally important to give them the gift of working for a… Read More
The Opposite of Gratitude

Character and Values

The Opposite of Gratitude

Attitudes can sabotage your potential to be grateful. And more than likely you can’t “feel” your way out of them. You have to take specific action. You have to become… Read More
the masks we love to wear

Widen The Circle

The Masks We Love to Wear

When the whole world is working hard to promote notions of what perfect parenting looks like, putting on a mask can be really tempting. Read More