the reality of foster care

Special Topics

Raising Awareness: The Reality of Foster Care

The foster care system needs to be fixed and reformed. And we can only do better when we know better. But if we only see it as ‘broken,’ then we… Read More
how to make it through when things get tough

Family Life

How Do We Make It Through When Things Get Tough?

So what did we DO about it? How did we make it through? We were determined. We persevered . . . step by step, day by day. That’s a story… Read More
How to argue well in your family

Family Life

How to Argue Well In Your Family

How do we diffuse conflict before it gets out of control? How do make peace the goal, but without ignoring real tensions and offenses that come up? Read More
How to help kids get along

Family Life

How To Help Your Kids Get Along With One Another

Thanks to Covid-19, most of us have been spending more time at home than ever before. I’m a mom to three girls, and if your house is anything like mine… Read More
Graduation Gifts that are meaningful

Celebrations | High School (9th-12th)

Graduation Gifts for Seniors That are Actually Meaningful (and Don’t Break the Bank!)

In light of everything that has been lost, it’s never felt more important to celebrate seniors (yes, with gifts!) in a way that is personal and meaningful. I feel that,… Read More
How the Pandemic Has been good for parenting

Family Life

How the Pandemic Has Been Good For Parenting

Because the truth is, this pandemic crisis has brought to light what has always been true, but we, as parents have been reluctant to admit. The world isn’t always a… Read More
Parenting when you're sensitive

Mental Health | School Life

Parenting When You’re a Sensitive Person

How many times had I made my kids’ actions or reactions a black mark against myself as a mother? Here’s the thing about parenting when you are a highly sensitive… Read More
Lessons I've learned while quarantining with preschoolers

Birth - 5 years

Lessons I’ve Learned While Quarantining with Preschoolers

As the mother of two preschool boys, I’m making this up as I go, just like you are. But there are a few things I’ve learned in the past six… Read More
how to make mothers day the best one yet


How to Make This Mother’s Day the Best One Yet

Like a lot of things (everything!) right now, Mother’s Day will look differently than it normally does. But it can still be just as special. Maybe even more so, because… Read More

Current Events

3 Ways to Take the Stress out of Homeschooling Your Kids

You know why homeschooling seems hard and awkward? Because doing new things always is. You know why you don’t feel like an expert? Because you’re not an expert. Read More