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Manejando el miedo y la ansiedad durante una pandemia de salud

Si está luchando sobre cómo manejar la creciente ansiedad de su familia sobre la actual crisis de salud pública, no está solo. A medida que la información sobre el coronavirus… Read More
Stories that Teach Forgiveness

Character and Values | Imagine The End

Stories That Teach Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be hard. We all have this tendency to our hurt and carry it around like a weight in a backpack. We just keep piling in those hurts, until… Read More

Fight For The Heart

Living From a Dad’s Affirmation

My dad is my hero. I wish I could spend this entire post telling you about him. I’ve often joked that my ultimate goal in life is to be my… Read More
How we talk about our kids

Family Life

How We Talk About Our Kids

I’m sure all parents would agree that our children test our patience, frustrate us and yes . . . even get on our nerves sometimes. If that hasn’t been your… Read More
3 household rules I never knew I needed

Birth - 5 years

3 Household Rules I Never Knew I Needed

There are just too many rules. We can keep track, but they cannot. They are just trying to sort out a few colors and put together a sentence! So, we… Read More
How to raise a jerk

Fight For The Heart | Imagine The End

How to Raise a Jerk

Most parents don’t set out to raise kids who become jerks. But parenting kids who have a mind of their own can be confusing. Read More


Be Okay With Saying “I Don’t Know”

When your kids start asking tough questions about faith, be ready with answers, but also be okay with saying, “I Don’t Know.”  Read More
Light em up with kindness

Family Activities

Light ‘Em Up With Kindness

Almost a decade ago, I caught the kindness bug. It felt like a nudge in my heart to change the focus of our family’s time and attention. Read More

Family Life | Fight For The Heart

Love On Display

Growing up, I had one of those old blue rectangular Kodak cameras with the orange “point and shoot” button. It came everywhere with me—including a trip my family took to… Read More
Getting called Out

Family Life

Getting Called Out By My 5-Year-Old

It was daddy-daughter date night, and I had crafted the perfect plan. Elle and I would eat chocolate-chip pancakes to our heart’s content, rent any movie she wanted, and stay… Read More