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The Best Way to Communicate With Your Kid at Every Phase

One of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in your parenting is learn how to communicate with your kid. Communication in and of itself has never been easy, but add an age gap, youthful angst, and a budding vocabulary, and you might find yourself feeling like... Read More

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3 Conversations Every Parent Is Scared Of

Our kids are growing faster by the day, and that’s a wonderful thing. Let’s equip them for adulthood by talking about what really matters—even if it scares us. Read More

Family Life | Featured | Mental Health | Self Care

Asking for Help Doesn’t Make You a Bad Parent (It Makes You a Better One)

“It takes a village!” You’ve said it. Or you’ve heard it. But have you ever lived it?  Read More

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9 Things To Know About Middle Schoolers From A Middle Schooler

We live in the age of information. With a few clicks and a couple of swipes, I could learn just about anything I want… even when it comes to the puzzle that is my middle schooler’s behavior and overall development. If you’re like me, you might be living... Read More

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5 Ways to Use Technology to Connect with your Teen

Technology is here to stay. We can choose to fight it, fear it, or lean in and leverage the distinctive opportunities it might offer us to grow in trust and connection with our teenagers. Read More

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My High Schooler Didn’t Get Into Their Dream School

Being rejected by a school—especially the one they hoped to attend—means letting go of some big dream scenarios they’ve been imagining for the future. Read More

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How to Foster a Strong Sibling Relationship

I think we’d all agree that one of our most important role is to create a safe and loving environment for our kids. And the only way we can be sure that happens is by doing all we can to help foster strong relationships between our children Read More

Birth - 5 years | Family Life | Featured

What If I’m Not “Enjoying Every Moment”?

Parenting is hard, no matter the phase you’re in. We may not like every moment, but we love our kids. Read More